Milestones.....(Part 1, October 2012)

Milestones...(Part 1)

My daughter has been growing and learning a lot since she turned one year old!  I wanted to share some of her achievements with my NetworkforMoms buddies. I believe that she has hit some of her educational milestones and thought it might be fun for my readers to enjoy her recent videos.

Here is my daughter passing me her flower toy at 13 months and 9 days old.  She has been doing this for 2 1/2 weeks (and saying a few words as well!), and really mastering the task of passing back and forth objects. I just love to see her learn! Enjoy!

In this next video below (sorry if the cell phone video is a little grainy looking), my baby is passing her flower toy to me several times.  She is learning at an exponential rate. I'm so happy that she loves learning!  I look forward to her developing her mind with her friends! Here is the video:

It has been a lot of fun teaching my baby (as James Herriot's book was titled) about 'all things bright and beautiful' that the world is made of, especially nice people who care about children.  I have discovered that certain colors seem to attract and keep my daughter's attention. As a result, I notice that her behavior is more like that of an older child and other people have noticed as well.

Recently, she enjoyed an exciting shopping trip with me and gave her mommy some fashion advice.  My daughter wants me to post a couple of pictures of her suggested 'MommyWear' fashions.  She loves the combination of green, yellow and especially, pink.

I really love the outfit that my daughter put together for me and she always smiles when I wear it and stroll her around town. She wants to let my readers know that this outfit can be purchased at local Boston, MA stores.

Here are the ingredients to this fashionable ensemble:

Blouse: H&M on Newbury Street, Boston, MA
'Chewbeads' necklace: 
Cotton purple and yellow handbag: Sushma Handicrafts booth in the Prudential Mall in Boston, MA and don't forget to mention!
Pink ballet socks: Pajama Party/Boxers Socks booth in the Prudential Mall in Boston, MA and don't forget to mention!
Shoes by Alegria: Gold shoes and Black shoes can be found at 
Jeans: by Sigrid Olson at Nordstrom's with a pink 'belly-band' by (you can see my article on Belly-Jeans here: , scroll down until you see the belly-jeans logo) and if you use the service, don't forget to mention!

My outfit can be purchased at Ann Taylor
Also can be purchased at Ann Taylor

I hope that this information encourages my fellow moms to participate more in your child's discovery phase the day after they turn 1 year old.  Since my baby looked bored with her newborn activities and toys, I did not mind going this far with my wardrobe. Let's face it, we all want our children to be happy, smart and confident adults one day. Her mommy is one of those adults - and my daughter wants to be just like her mommy!

This is just one of the small ways that, we as moms, can encourage our children and their friends to understand and appreciate colors. For all of my daughter's fans and friends, this is just the first in a series of posts that I will have here at that will include many ideas for babies and children who are learning about the world around them.  So stay tuned for more articles that will help your beautiful bundle of joy grow!

Happy milestones everyone!

- Joy E.
Posted October 6, 2012
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