Picture Post: The Earle Family (May, 2014)

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Picture Post: The Earle Family!

I wanted to make this special picture post for my NetworkforMoms.org fans who like to see what we have been up to for the last few weeks.  Below are pictures of my daughter's fun adventures!  I will return soon with a new post for my NetworkforMoms.org buddies to enjoy as well as more fun pictures!  In the meantime, enjoy our latest pictures, some selfies and a quick video of her dancing on Easter.

Happy viewing everyone!
Joy E.
Posted May 22, 2014


With Mommy at Easter dinner.

With Daddy at Easter dinner.

Dancing to 'Adrenalina' on Easter, 4-20-14

Mother's Day outing!

Happy with my Mommy on Mother's Day!
Mother's Day dinner with Mom and Dad.

My Selfies!

After lunch Selfie!

Close up Selfie!

Big grin Selfie!
After dinner Selfie!

Close up Selfie for Mommy!

My fun times at My Gym!

Practicing somersaults!

Practicing the balance beam!

Swinging in the dolphin swing!
Playing with classmates during parent separation time.

Play date at Paint Playground!

Painting with Melissa and my play date, 4-27-14.
Me, Daddy, Melissa and her daughter.

Painting away with my play date!

With Mommy at Paint Playground!

 Fun at My Gym!

Practicing on the high bar in my My Gym class.

Playing in the ball pit.

Found the only two purple balls!

Found them again!

Fun at Paint Playground!

With my Mommy at Paint Playground!

Playing with Mommy at Paint Playground.

Our family outing!

With Mommy at the Prudential Mall on our family outing!

Playing at the waterfall at Legal Seafood as Daddy looks on.

With Mommy during our Newbury Street walk.

 Arboretum and J.P. Licks!

Sharing a frappe with Mom and Dad at J.P. Licks!

More fun at My Gym!

Swinging around with Mommy at My Gym. 5-15-14.

Playing at the Artesani Playground!

Playing the xylophone.

Trees in bloom at the Artesani Playground, 5-2-14.

Fun at MFA Play dates!

Arriving at MFA Play dates, 5-19-14.

Before class at MFA Play dates, 5-19-14.

With Tori from MFA Play dates, 5-5-14.

Making my flower at MFA Play dates, 5-5-14.

With Mommy at MFA Play dates, 5-19-14.

Having a snack with Mommy at Porter Square Book Store, Cambridge, 5-5-14.

Underneath the Ernesto Neto installation 'O Tempo Oco' (2004) at the MFA, Latin American Art exhibit, 5-19-14.

At the Jose Damasceno installation, Latin American Art exhibit, 5-19-14.

Viewing the antiques at the MFA, 5-5-14.
Viewing the dinner table at the MFA, 5-5-14.

Uncle Michael Visit!

Me, Daddy and Uncle Michael at home, 5-9-14.

Me, Mommy and Uncle Michael hanging out, 5-9-14.

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