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Below are some articles that I have found to be useful in regard to baby safety whether it was regarding toxins, baby health or feeding. I hope you will find them useful as well.  In addition, if you scroll down, you will find to the right of this post the latest news feeds regarding baby safety.  Also to the right of this post, you will also find the latest baby safety information from


Child food safety information:

Frank swinging our daughter!
Child Safety Warning 
Teething Gels May Be Dangerous: Check out the Orajel Lawsuit:

Another report about the lawsuit against Orajel:

For safe teething remedies, read this article that suggests homeopathic teething tablets to relieve your baby's teething pain:

I found this extremely important article about red food dye on "Could Your Child Be Sensitive to Red Food Dye?: How To Determine If Your Child Is Allergic To Artificial Food Additives"

Read more here:

Finger/Toe Tourniquet: Be aware that hair can wrap around your baby's toes and fingers when wearing mittens or socks, cutting off circulation and causing pain to that digit. Here is an article about Toe Tourniquet accidents:

Munchkin Launches New Line of Innovative Safety Accessories With "Help Me Babyproof" Social Media Campaign: this article lists several new safety kits that parents can use immediately to secure doors, drawers and cabinets in their home: 

Healthy Child Healthy World is a great organization that recommends.  A recent article on their website highlights the connection between autism and certain chemical exposure in early childhood.

Another article includes children's food safety:

A website that moms might find useful is this one:  Also, I use to find baby products that are rated for toxins.

Our daughter ready for lunch! has a whole food baby recipe site that moms might find useful. They tell you how to make food, store it, etc. You will need to copy/paste the address into your browser:

***There is also an important article on this site about nitrate poisoning from certain homemade baby food - so read it first before trying to prepare your own baby food.
You will need to copy/paste the address below into your browser to view the article:

Child Safety info that I found useful: has a great article on how to get flame retardants out of your child's fleece pajamas:
Parents... pay attention!!!
Car seats - safe from toxic chemicals:

New study finds arsenic in infant formula, cereal bars:

Beware of TV remote batteries:

Baby Check-up info:

Immunization Schedule 

Breast Milk Is Still Best | Environmental Working Group

I also spend time every week on and browse my baby's birth month posts. I find that reading other moms' concerns and general posts to be quite helpful. Plus who doesn't love the occasional photo contest!

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