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Hello Moms!

Welcome to my website for new moms, moms-to-be, new dads and experienced parents. I am starting my website here as a blog in order to give me the opportunity to share my ideas, news and thoughts regarding babies without having to create an expensive website from scratch.

My goal is to build a community website for moms (and dads!) to share their helpful hints, connect with each other, create play dates in your area with your buddies so that we can all enjoy raising our little ones together while getting support from the NFM community (of course, my goal might change but I will keep you updated!). My second, and most recently added goal, is to create the NetworkforMoms: Enrichment Center for Children, a child enrichment center with a specific and organized program to enhance a child's earliest learning.

Let's face it, there is no manual for raising your little one - so why not share your stories, concerns and helpful tidbits here where other moms can benefit from the shared knowledge!

I will share what I have learned so far raising my daughter, Evelyn, born in August 2011.  I service the website regularly by updating it with articles and information that, hopefully, keeps fresh with ideas!

If you like this site, or have any suggestions, please just e-mail me at . Please give me at least 48 hours to get back to you. 

Cheers and Happy Parenting!

Joy E.

** One interesting fact about this website was launched on April 11, 2012. That date represents the same digits used to dial for information, 411, and this website is all about providing information for new moms. That is why my launch date is so fitting, and I hope my readers can appreciate this detail. So, please excuse the occasional type-o, I am very busy building my network and sharing information with new moms, while providing this website as a public service.

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