A Story of Fertility: What Worked for Us (March, 2014)

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A Story of Fertility: What Worked for Us

When my husband and I married we were in our late thirties and were looking forward to starting our family. We knew that my fertility would be an issue and decided to begin fertility treatment.
Our sweet daughter, 5 days old - tiny and cute!

Several fertility treatments over the course of more than 1 year, made me realize that I needed to do whatever I could, at 40 years old, to improve my chances as fast as possible.

I began seeing an acupuncturist and, on the advice of my doctor, lost weight as well (using the 'My Plate' function on Livestrong.com). As usual, I avoided any alcohol, caffeine (chocolate, tea or coffee) and fatty foods.  My body felt better, but my fertility was not where it needed to be.

I poured all of my extra time into investigating anything that pointed to improving older women's fertility, especially in the 38-40 age range. What I found was that many women, at different age ranges, managed to improve their fertility by using certain supplements and natural products.  I investigated these supplements and natural products and found that they would definitely help to improve my overall health and help my nervous system - fertility treatment of any kind can be very stressful and there are not enough support groups out there, with the exception of the few that I found online. Here are the two websites that I found most helpful:


I also found a research study that was performed in 2007 by the Center for Human Reproduction (in New York) in regard to treating infertility patients (over 40 years old) with short term use of DHEA (a supplement typically used for short periods of time by body builders) prior to their IVF. DHEA was taken by the IVF patients for 4 months, however, in my research online the normal recommendation for safely taking DHEA for any reason was 3 months.  Once I read this study, I decided to try DHEA for 2 months along with the rest of the natural products and supplements listed below.  The result was a much lower FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), which is the hormone that is measured to test women's fertility. My FSH dropped by more than 2 points during this 2 month period. After 2 months, I stopped taking DHEA and the Baby Aspirin so as to not interrupt any of the medications used in the fertility treatment process. I continued to take all of the other supplements during my fertility treatment.  The day before ovulation, I stopped taking the Melatonin, Co Q 10, Fish Oil and the Royal Jelly & Pollen in honey (due to the bacteria found in honey).

I became pregnant with my own egg with a healthy baby girl. Our daughter was not born premature and has not had any health issues besides one recent common cold.

I wanted to point out that DHEA can be dangerous if taken over a very long period of time and not under a doctor's supervision. Overexposure to DHEA is related to certain cancers, that is why the patients in the 2007 study were under DOCTOR SUPERVISION.  Here is the link to the 2007 DHEA study: http://www.centerforhumanreprod.com/dhea-research.html

Most of the supplements that I used can be found at your local pharmacy in the vitamin aisle:

1. Micronized DHEA: I took 50 mg per day in the morning for 2 months and stopped before I had to take any medications for my treatment. You can purchase these online here: http://www.drugstore.com/mrm-dhea-25mg-vegetarian-capsules/qxp321771?catid=288228

2. Baby Aspirin: I took one 81 mg per day. I took this in conjunction with the DHEA (I read that baby aspirin helps with the effectiveness of DHEA) I stopped taking baby aspirin before I had to take any medications for my treatment.

3. Melatonin: I took 5 ml every night and stopped the day before ovulation. I used one in a liquid form from Vitamin World here: http://www.vitaminworld.com/melatonin-728/liquid-melatonin-cherry-flavored-050380

4. Co Q 10 (Coenzyme Q 10): I took 200 mg per day (100 mg in morning, 100 mg at night) and stopped the day before ovulation.

5. Fish Oil Omega-3:  I took 2000mg per day (1000 mg in the morning and 1000 mg in the evening) and stopped the day before ovulation.

6. Prenatal vitamin (Folic Acid): I took 1 pill per day

I had to buy the following products online:

1. Gluten Free Wheat Grass powder: I took this 2 times per day (morning and evening), mixed with water and cranberry juice. I took this throughout my pregnancy as well.  Here is the link to the one I used: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/amazing-grass-wheat-grass-organic-8-5-oz-powder/g5-1004#.UycsDM7VJQk

2. Royal Jelly & Pollen in honey (Do not refrigerate): I took 2 teaspoons in the morning and 2 teaspoons at night and stopped the day before ovulation (the bacteria in honey can affect a fetus):
Here is the link to the one I used: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/store/en/browse/sku_detail.jsp?id=RJ-1034

I wanted to point out that during my fertility treatment, I stopped taking all of these supplements with the exception of the prenatal vitamin and the Wheat grass powder.  During my pregnancy, I took a prenatal vitamin, the Wheat grass powder and a DHA Prenatal fish oil supplement to help with brain development: (http://www.drugstore.com/nordic-naturals-prenatal-dha-500mg-fish-oil/qxp223742?catid=183230).

Me at our baby shower!
Once the fertility treatment was behind me, we happily celebrated our pregnancy achievement with my friends and family.

I had a normal, healthy pregnancy and  
our daughter was born perfect when
I was just over 41 1/2 years old.

One year later we celebrated with our daughter at the Massachusetts General Hospital IVF 20th Anniversary Event hosted by the hospital in the Bulfinch Tent!

IVF party, MGH Bulfinch Tent with Mommy 9-22-12
IVF party, MGH Bulfinch Tent hugging Daddy 9-22-12

IVF-MGH party, MGH Fertility Center staff
IVF-MGH party, Dr. Thomas Toth speech

Our daughter, 1 day old.

 This is my story about my journey to become a mother of a beautiful, sweet, smart and darling daughter!  It took a lot of research, discipline and patience to create this recipe of supplements in order to temporarily 'turn back the clock' in terms of my fertility. However, I was very driven in my pursuit to have our daughter and consider this work to have been worth every minute of my time since the result was a very healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby!  I want my story to give other potential mothers hope in their journey to motherhood, that is why I am sharing this information with my audience. I know exactly what it is like to struggle with infertility in your 40s, but I also know the feeling of winning the battle against infertility!

Happy winning the battle everyone!

Joy E.
Posted March 16, 2014

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Brookline Moms Club Play date at the Museum of Science

With my play date at the Museum of Science, 2-27-14.
Our friend and former Isis graduate, Frank, with his daughter at the Brookline Moms Club Museum of Science, play date 2-27-14.

Our friend/former Isis graduate, Laura,  with her daughter and son at the Brookline Moms Club Museum of Science, play date 2-27-14.

Our friend /former Isis graduate and Brookline Moms Club organizer, Melissa, with her daughter at the Museum of Science play date 2-27-14.

Mike's Gym Children's Daycare Center, Boston, MA

Having my herbal tea with milk 3-1-14.
Playing at Mikes Gym Daycare 3-1-14.
Finishing my snack at Mikes Gym daycare 3-1-14.
Snack time at Mikes Gym Daycare 3-1-14.

MFA Play dates!

Arriving at MFA Play dates 3-3-14.
Waiting for class at MFA Play dates 3-3-14.
Arriving at MFA Play date class 3-3-14.
Looking at bracelets at the MFA 3-3-14.

My drawing at MFA Play dates 3-3-14.

Fun times at My Gym

Climbing at My Gym 3-5-14.
Climbing the circle at My Gym. 3-5-14.

Crawling at My Gym 2-27-14.
Rolling gym equipment at My Gym. 3-5-14.

In sensory ball pit 3-3-14.

Playing with soccerball at My Gym 3-3-14.

Hanging out in the sensory ball pit 3-12-14.
Crawling with my ball at My Gym 3-3-14.

Playing with basketball net, 3-12-14.

Swimming in the sensory ball pit at My Gym, 3-10-14.

Swinging on dolphin, 3-12-14.
On the balance beam, 3-10-14.

Playing at My Gym, 3-3-14.

Lunch at the Four's Restaurant with GrandDad!

Mom and me at the Fours restaurant 3-8-14.

Dad and me at the Fours restaurant 3-8-14.
Me, Dad and GrandDad at lunch at the Fours restaurant 3-8-14.

Family Outing to the Peabody Essex Museum

Me and Mommy at the Peabody Essex Art and Nature Center 3-8-14.
Me and Daddy at the Peabody Essex Museum 3-8-14

Moving the videos at the Peabody Essex Museum 3-8-14.
Playing the wrench xylophone.3-8-14.
Building an animal at PEM. 3-8-14.

Me and Daddy exploring Level 2 at the Peabody Essex Museum. 3-8-14.


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