P.A.M! (May 2012)

    May is Pregnancy Awareness Month
I wanted to make this post to highlight two organizations that NetworkforMoms.org supports and are good sources of baby safety information.

Pregnancy Awareness Month (P.A.M), according to their website, is an 'organization dedicated to inspiring women during pregnancy with educational initiatives spotlighting nutrition, wellness and all around nurturing'.

During the month of May, P.A.M. has a conference-style event in Los Angeles, CA that features a variety of products, specialists and experts in the field of pregnancy, motherhood and children. This year the event will take place on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at the Skirball Center from 12pm - 4pm.  For those moms that may live in the Los Angeles area, or if you know someone who is pregnant or has small children and live in that area, feel free to pass this information along to them. New moms and moms-to-be will be thankful to you for making them aware of this event! Don't forget to mention NetworkforMoms.org!

The Healthy Child Healthy World organization was created by Nancy and Jim Chuda who, after the passing of their daughter, Colette, to cancer, decided that the only way to educate people about the harmful effects of certain chemicals in the environment and in food was to provide pregnant women and parents of small children with current information regarding the reduction of the amount of toxins that are used in agriculture and everyday products.

One of the reasons that I created NetworkforMoms.org was to provide information to new moms about child and baby safety and helpful child hints in regard to caring for an infant.  That is why I provide the Baby Safety tab with information that I have pulled together from around the internet that new moms will, hopefully, find helpful.  In addition, all of the news feeds that you see on this website, come directly from news organizations from around the country that have an article referencing baby safety products and toy safety.  It is important that new moms stay on top of infant and child safety related issues. It is my hope that my site will help new moms get connected to this information.

"Remember, sharing information is important. This is what my Mommy does all the time! Hee-hee!"
I hope this post has been helpful to my mom friends out there and I will continue to update this site, so please check back often and feel free to link this post to your Facebook page or join the site with Google Friend Connect by using the gadgets in the right panel of this site.

Happy Mother's Day and happy parenting!

Joy E.
Posted May 4, 2012

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NetworkforMoms.org supports

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