The 2nd Birthday Party: Our version (October 2013)

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The 2nd Birthday Party: Our version

I wanted to share with my buddies the party ideas for our daughter's 2nd birthday party.  We decided to have our party at Mama & Me ( in Boston, MA and it included a 30 minute paint class for the children.  Since the theme of the party was painting, I wanted to begin the planning process by selecting certain colors that would appear on the cake, in the paint class and in the decor.  I also created and personalized a special goodie bag for my daughter's friends.

For paint colors, we chose pink, orange and yellow.  These colors were chosen for their brightness, beauty and the fact that, when mixed together by little hands, they create a pleasant bright orange color (rather than a brown color which is what typically results when you mix darker colors together).  These colors really worked well during the paint class and everyone left with beautiful artwork!

Decor List:

Our theme colors were pinkorangeyellow and green.

Garland: Tropical Sun Garland held in place by clear thumbtacks, (@ $3 each) at Party Favors store in Brookline, MA or at

Butterfly Stickers at end of garland in theme colors: Hallmark Peel & stick adhesive gift trim @ $2 ea. at CVS pharmacy or

Tablecloth: Caspari Table Cover in Yellow paper cloth (@ $12.50) at Party Favors store in Brookline, MA or at

Paintbrushes on table: select the ones in your theme colors only: Simply Brushes: Brush Value Craft Pack 25 pieces(@ $6):

Food list:

Catering: includes chicken salad, roast beef and turkey sandwiches. Sliced pickles in bowl. (@$250 by

Food: Potato with egg salad, bow tie pasta salad, vegetable platter,
cracker and cheese plate (brie and muenster), @ $60 at

Drinks & ice: soda/drinks/water & soda water, ice in bowl with ladle.

Cake: Floral - Wreath of Spring Flowers, with chocolate and vanilla layers (@ $55 at Party Favors in Brookline, MA)

Children's snacks: juice boxes, Gerber yogurt melts, plum organics/gerber baby food puree in squeezable pack. (@ $25 at

Paper goods and utensils: clear plastic utensils, small and large plates in theme colors, regular and cocktail napkins in theme colors, clear plastic cups.(@ $25 at

Our gift and goodie bag table, decorated with her teddy bears, journals and paint sets.
Gift Table:

Teddy bears: With infant clothing and shoes, infant hats/beret/flower clips (dress up the bears ahead of time and place in a large bag for travel).

Paint set: Melissa & Doug: Take-Along Watercolor Set, (@ $4 each at

Books: Pocket Journals (@ $9 each, by

Name tags for guests: Heart shaped stamp by Paper Source, ink color 'Sea glass' by ColorBox Pigment Stamp Pad (both for @ $16 by

Our goodie bag paint can creation.

Goodie Bag Paint Can contents:
1. Finger paint: Sargent Art Washable Finger Paint Set, comes with 4 colors, watercolor paper and instructions. Tape down the lids to secure the finger paint containers. Cut out instructions and place inside paint can next to the smock. (@ $4 at

2. Darice Kids Art Smock: (@ $6 at
I embroidered the children's names on my sewing machine. I also sewed on material shaped like a paint drop. Embroidery thread in green and hot pink by Coats & Clark.

3. Paint Brushes: Simply Brushes Brush Value Craft Pack 25 pieces, (@ $6 at

4. Paint Can: Darice Keepsake Totes Storage Paint Can - Large, @ $5 at

5. Flower sticker in theme color: 3D Daisies stickers (@ $6 at
Having a hug with Mommy before paint class.

Preparing to paint with the rice bags and mixed paints.

 Our friend Hansy and her son painting with rice bags and our friend Jay with his son watching us paint.

Our family at the paint party!

Our daughter exploring the pink finger paint.

Our friend Melissa and her daughter creating beautiful art!

Our friend Jaime and her son painting with toy cars.

Our little friends painting away!

Our friends painting with cars.

Our daughter painting her Daddy!

Our friends at the fun painting stations!

Our finished paintings hung up to dry while we play at the water tables.
Our daughter during her birthday song with Mom and Dad!

My daughter's dress: Light Green Rose dress with leggings, by Nannette Baby.
My daughter's shoes: (Size 5) Infants patent leather Mary Janes by Baby Deer ($28 at
My daughter's socks: White socks by Capelli Kids New York ($7 at

Pre-party list:

Invitations and Thank you cards with a paint theme: Indicate your RSVP date, etc. (see pic below), (@ $90) the card is called 'Tie Dye' by

Signs: Printed, decorated signs with direction arrow for guests to follow (i.e. staircase on right, turn left/right, etc.)

Reminder e-mail: With specific directions to party, to indicate lunch/appetizers, the suggested attire, etc.

Our daughter's paint party invite and thank you card.
For Paint Class:

T-Shirts as smocks: 4-5 XL old T-shirts (for adults), (Mama & Me provides children's T-shirts as smocks and plenty of washcloths for cleaning their hands).
Name tags: Name tags for adults (with adult and child's name on it).

The paint party was a lot of fun for everyone and the children really enjoyed mixing and creating images with the finger paint. We began the planning and the creative portion of the party months in advance. Planning as early as possible is the key to hosting a party such as this - especially when organizing certain details that will make your party special and memorable for your guests.  I hope my ideas help my buddies with their next birthday party project. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me here at

Happy paint party everyone!

-Joy E.
Posted on October 5, 2013

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 After 2nd birthday party pictures:

Our daughter with her birthday gift from Mommy.
 Some of her birthday gifts from friends.

Happily playing with Choo Choo Tracks toy by Hape Toys.

Our friend's rice bag painting.

Dancing with Daddy to Peanuts/Snoopy light-up, musical birthday card from Uncle Michael.

Our daughter: My tender thoughts

In November of 2011, after my daughter was born, I wrote an e-mail to my husband's cousin who had announced to the family that him and his wife were pregnant! I shared with them my thoughts and feelings about having our daughter and the happiness that we felt, and still feel.  An excerpt of the original e-mail is below:

' When you have your baby you will experience the truest love that you have ever felt.  
It is TRUE LOVE...that is what your baby will be to you because you will do ANYTHING for this little person, including putting your life on the line and you simply can not say that about anyone else - that is what true love is.  You can love your husband/wife/family but that is a different type of love, this little person will need every part of you..... He/she will need you to force yourself awake at 3 a.m. to feed and change him/her...and you will love every minute, trust me.'
- Joy E., November 1, 2011.

Our daughter at 6 days old in her nursery.

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