Our Daughter's New Book Order Arrived! (October, 2015)

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Our Daughter's New Book Order Arrived!

I will return with the 'Milestones' series next year.  This month I wanted to share my daughter's latest book order featuring her new Halloween books!  These are all board books and are for all ages, unless otherwise noted. Her teacher loved these selections!






Other fun books that I ordered:

Five Silly Turkeys: The shiny material attached allows your child to turn pages easily. Age 2+ and up.


Trace, Lift and Learn:  Children can lift the flaps, move the sliders
and trace the letters.


Eating the Alphabet: This is the paperback version.


Also, I ordered these fun flashcards:


Have a Happy Halloween everyone and enjoy these books!

- Joy E.
Posted October 10, 2015

Our daughter with her Boo! book (on left) and playing with her Halloween wand.

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