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I have added this page to share with new moms some helpful tidbits from myself and other moms who enjoy giving advice and posted their tidbit online. 

These tidbits are on a variety of subjects in regard to baby care and new mom issues.

This is great list to enjoy and I hope my fellow moms find it useful.

If you would like to add your tidbit to this list, e-mail me at JoyE@NetworkforMoms.org

 1A. My first tidbit is a long one. My sweet baby did not walk or crawl at 9 months. I called the Massachusetts Early Intervention Program (you can read about it here: http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/gov/departments/dph/programs/family-health/early-intervention/). 

The program sends out 3 clinicians initially to assess your child at home to see if he/she qualifies for services. There is no fee for the assessment and the fees for the services have been eliminated in 2013. This is a free service for families! Early Intervention assessed for the following:

  • cognitive functions (ability to think, remember, and learn)
  • fine motor skills (small movements of the hands, fingers, toes, etc.)
  • gross motor skills (large movements of the arms, legs, or whole body)
  • ability to communicate (speech, etc.)
  • behavioral, social, emotional, and self-help skills
My baby did not qualify for the program because her development fell within the normal range.  We were advised to have her perform exercises to help strengthen her core muscles and encourage her to crawl. I had her practice these exercises several times a day.

I know two fellow moms who had their children in this program and they were able to get them crawling and pulling up to walk. If your child qualifies, the Early Intervention program will send out a clinician every week for 1 hour to work with your child. Also, during the initial assessment, the clinicians can identify any other issues about your child's development.

If you are not in Massachusetts, Google 'Early Intervention Program' in your area or click here: http://ectacenter.org/contact/ptccoord.asp

For more information about Early Intervention programs, visit the Easter Seals website here:  http://www.easterseals.com/our-programs/childrens-services/early-intervention-resources.html  I think Early Intervention is a great program and am very happy that these services are available at no charge in my state!
~My tidbit

1B. I learned that the reason my baby occasionally rubs her ear is because she is typically breastfed on that side, sometimes in bed and sometimes in the rocking chair, and the pressure of laying on her ear causes it to be uncomfortable, even hours later. So I now nurse her and lean forward more often to avoid squashing her ear.~My tidbit

1C. When changing your baby (especially after 9 months old), turn your rings around so that the stones won't scratch your baby's skin or hands!  THEN turn your ring back before re-dressing your baby, especially when putting on her pants/leggings/leg warmers.  Lots of women leave their rings on when changing their baby and those small scratches will make your baby cry and you won't realize it!!! ~My tidbit

2. Always check your baby's fingers underneath her mittens. Occasionally, mommy's hair can get caught and wrap around your baby's finger, cutting off circulation.~My tidbit

3. After putting a fresh diaper on your baby, make sure the inner liner elastic part and "ruffle" are pulled out. If you don't, you will  have leaks more often.  ~My tidbit

4. To help train your baby to get on a sleep schedule, give him/her a bath every other night, routine is key!~from an online mommy

5. As soon as you see your baby getting tired...put them to bed!!!! Makes for a great day/night!!~from an online mommy

6. If your baby spits out medicine when you administer it with a medicine dropper/syringe, try putting it in a bottle nipple instead.~from an online mommy 

7. Keeping your baby on a schedule is key. You may have to give up some fun times, events, etc., disappoint a few people, but if you are consistent with your baby's schedule, especially the bedtime one, it will pay off in the end. Then you can go out to the movies, dinner or have friends over.~from an online mommy

8. "Non-toy" toys are more fun. Designate a drawer just for your baby with big spoons, bowls, measuring cups, etc., that are within reach. This is very helpful when cooking dinner or doing dishes! ~from an online mommy
9. When you've adhered to a strict routine and your baby still doesn't sleep...when you've tried every trick to get your baby to like the car seat....when you've done all that you can to get your baby to nap and they still refuse to...when you've tried everything to get your baby to sleep through the night and they are still up every three hours....
Just go with it and know that you are doing nothing wrong. :)~from an online mommy

10. If your baby takes a pacifier at night, put more than one in the crib.  That way, if your baby drops it, they can easily find one and you won't be flying out of bed in fear that your baby will wake up.~from an online mommy

11. Stand back. Give them room to fall, play, learn about themselves.~from an online mommy

 12. You know your baby better than the pediatrician. It is OK to pull out the parent trump pediatrician card. If your baby isn't accepting the formula (if you feed formula) then switch! All the pediatrician needs to know is what formula your baby is on. Don't be afraid to ask for formula samples at your pediatrician's office or your OB's office.~from an online mommy

13. Start doing your research now on baby products - whether it is to find items that are less toxic, more ergonomic or are safer.  ~My tidbit

14. Look for local mom resource websites in your area or connect with other mommies online (Meetup.com to start with group play dates).  There is a lot of information out there but nothing is better than hearing the truth from a real mom! :)~My tidbit

15. Just RELAX and DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. You're going to have to go through trial and error for a lot of things because what works for some, isn't going to work for others. Enjoy your baby. They grow entirely too fast. Don't feel pressured to do anything other than love your child. ~from an online mommy

Frank, me and our daughter riding the Commuter Rail to Salem, MA.
16. People have been singing baby lullabies for probably hundreds of years because they really work.  My colicky baby did not want to nap during the day until my mom started playing lullabies for him.  It works in the car to calm him down.  I have a lullaby CD in reserve when the baby meltdown starts as I'm driving.  I also use lullabies to get him to take naps now.  If we have a bad night getting him to sleep or he doesn't feel well, some lullabies always soothe him. ~from an online mommy

17. Positive vibes! Even if you have to put them in a swing for a minute to collect yourself it's okay so you can get calm and centered again! And don't be afraid to ask for help or ask questions even if you feel like you already know, ask anyway if you need to! ~~~~all you need is love! ~from an online mommy

18. Sometimes, usually, it's easier to hose down your stroller than to take off the seat covers.
~from an online mommy

19. Use a foam shampoo (like Mustela), it won't drip into your baby's eyes and it easily distributes throughout your baby's hair.~My tidbit

20. Singing to your baby can really help relax them and put them to sleep.~from an online mommy

Frank and our daughter looking at poppies!
21. 'Onesies' are made so there's lots of room in the necks so you can pull it off without getting poop in baby's hair when he/she has a blowout. ~from an online mommy

22. It's a hard job, it's OK to need breaks and need help. Remember that Facebook isn't reality and just because other women claim to "love every moment" it doesn't make you a bad mommy for just wanting your child to be asleep at 4 a.m.  ~from an online mommy

23. Above all else don't compare your child's development to other people's children! They are their own little people and this is not a competition :-) as long as they are happy and healthy go with the flow :-) ALSO, they are going to eat gross things they find, try not to freak out TOO much, nine out of ten times they will be absolutely fine, it doesn't matter how vigilant you are, they WILL get into something they shouldn't! ~from an online mommy

24. Use vaseline for those neck "rashes". Don't use diaper rash cream or A&D, just simple vaseline should do the trick!~My tidbit

25. Babies cry. Simple as that. It is their way of releasing frustrations. They NEED to cry. I had a hard time accepting this. I would hold and rock and sing to my baby at her 3 month freak out she had. I would just get more and more frustrated too, so I finally put her down and said there is nothing I can do. She stopped after a few minutes and fell asleep. Sometimes babies need to cry, and sometimes they need to be placed down away from mommy. ~from an online mommy

26. When giving medicine squeeze their little cheeks together, they can't spit it out that way.  Nurse at the doctor's office showed me this trick when she gave an oral vaccine.  Works like a charm!!~from an online mommy

Frank and me with our daughter Mother's Day 2012
27. If all else fails when getting your baby to nap, take her in the car and drive up and down a highway near you.  That should put the baby to sleep and when you return home, roll down your windows a crack, lock the doors and a breather. ~My tidbit

28. If you sleep train your baby and are using a Sleepsack - sometimes the arms will still wake up the baby. If your baby is not rolling over yet, just use a batwing swaddlepod swaddle (the ones with the velcro) while you nurse your baby to sleep. Again, only if your baby is NOT rolling over. ~My tidbit

29. Some children don't take to eating baby food right away. If the "helicopter" method fails, you can try taking the spoon (with food in it) and sliding it under your baby's bottom lip from corner to corner. By the time you get to the other end of your baby's mouth, they should have their mouth open and will receive the food. ~My tidbit

30. When you buy children's books, try to get ones that do not have weird characters or strange stories.  I don't want my child to have memories of their childhood books and only remember weird characters or stories. Try to pick out ones with positive themes and cute illustrations.  Peter Rabbit and Dr. Seuss are my favorites for the infant stage.~My tidbit

31. In case you are wondering about sizes: 0-3 really isn't 0-3 months...more like 3-6 months depending on how big your baby is. ~from an online mommy

32 Cut/file their fingernails while someone else is giving them a bottle. ~from an online mommy

33. Try to tell your children that you love them rather than telling them to 'shhhhh' all the time. No one wants to remember being told to be quiet all the time, especially once they have a child themselves.~My tidbit

34. Once your child is about 1 1/2, be very careful who they speak to.  Children can remember some things as early as 2 years old. I read a recent article about this here: http://articles.cnn.com/2002-10-30/tech/coolsc.kid.memory_1_harvard-researchers-study-child-memory?_s=PM:TECH Being vigilant is key because you don't want your child having difficulty later with memories of their childhood that they may interpret as negative, even if nothing bad happened to them. ~My tidbit

35.  Wet washcloths are the best teething accessories.~from an online mommy

36. When changing diapers, use a protective ointment that comes in a TUBE, rather than a tub, it is more sanitary and a lot less messy, especially when your child gets older and will kick over the tub.~My tidbit

37. Use a latex glove when applying ointment during diaper changes, it is more sanitary and less messy for you. You can buy a box at a local pharmacy or ask for some at your pediatrician's office. ~My tidbit

38. If you use a wipes warmer, change the sponge every 2 months (not 3 months) and clean the sponge and warmer every week or your baby may develop a rash!!! ~My tidbit

39.  Co-sleeping is a hard habit to break. If you do co-sleep, make the move into the baby's room before they are 6 months old. ~My tidbit

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40. Laugh with your baby as much as possible. Laughter is great for the baby and for you too! ~My tidbit

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