The Quiet People Game: Activity for You and Your Little One (January, 2014)

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The Quiet People Game: Activity for You and Your Little One

I created this game when I was in my early twenties and worked for a short time with grade school children at an after school program in Boston. One day when the children arrived, the noise level was simply too much!  In reaction to this noise, I quickly pulled the children together and created the Quiet People game.

The game involved everyone standing in a circle and speaking in a whisper. Since they were standing close together, they could hear each other, but had to listen carefully. The initial game simply involved everyone speaking in a whisper for as long as they could - if someone used their voice, that person had to leave the circle. Once there were only a few children left in the circle, those children were declared the winners!

My 2014 update to this game involves having you and your little one quietly tip-toe around your home, speaking only in a whisper to each other and pointing to objects in the home for your child to identify. You can continue to play this game during your child's other activities in order to keep your little one peaceful, focused and quietly playing.

In addition, your stress level should decrease along with any unwanted anger that you felt before the game began.  Your child and you will have many more pleasant days together playing the Quiet People game - I know I did with those grade school children years ago!  Good luck and have fun playing the Quiet People game with your little one!

Happy quiet time everyone!

Joy E.
Posted January 25, 2013

Children's book news:

First Book recently launched their 'The Stories for All Project' , which is First Book's push to dramatically expand the market for diversity in children's literature. First Book also offers free new books to educators through the First Book National Book Bank ( can check out additional First Book activities by visiting their blog:

On February 3, 2014, First Book launched their newest initiative to reach more Latino children with a collection of children's books featuring Latino characters that reflect the lives of Latinos throughout the Americas.

Check out the press release here:

                 Celebrate International Book Giving Day                     
February 14, 2014
To sign up:

Our Thanksgiving, 2013:

Ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner at Top of the Hub!

With Mommy at Top of the Hub for Thanksgiving.

With Daddy at Thanksgiving dinner.

Our family outings:

Exploring the Pop-Up Art & Nature Center at the Peabody Essex Museum.
With Mom and Dad at IHOP having brunch.

Our Christmas, 2013:

My teddy bear and me in our Christmas outfits with Mommy!

Exploring the centerpiece greens.

At the Christmas Tree in the Fairmont Hotel.

At the Christmas tree at the Fairmont Hotel.
With Daddy, Christmas Day dinner at The Oak Room.
With Mommy, Christmas Day dinner at The Oak Room.

Dancing as I leave The Oak Room with Mommy on Christmas Day.

Our Play date at The Children's Museum:

At the Children's Museum playing with stamps on our play date (Mom and Hansy behind the camera),             1-11-14.
Hansy playing with us on our play date at the Children's Museum, 1-11-14.

Playing with dolls.

My play date and I sharing cookies.


Other fun times, my My Gym class & The Museum of Science:

Playing with the peg board at the Museum of Science, 12-29-13.

A much earlier visit in 2013 to the Museum of Science with Mommy in the Lobby.

With Uncle Anthony and Mommy at lunch at Panera Bread, 2013.
On the dolphin swing at My Gym!  (1-8-14)

Playing with my My Gym classmates, 1-8-14.

Playing happily in the giant sensory ball pit with my My Gym classmates! (1-8-14)

Having fun with Mommy while playing on the comforter. 

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