Presenting your Present (December, 2014)

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Presenting Your Present

I wanted to create a quick post for all of the moms who are wrapping Santa's gifts and need a little inspiration.

During this time of year, parents tend to rush when wrapping gifts, however, children take notice of the beautiful wrapping material as well as any added embellishments that you include in your finishing touches for your gifts. The more time you invest into the presentation of your gifts, the more children will react with excitement and their parents will obviously appreciate your effort!

Below are some examples of attractive gifts, including ones that I gave to my daughter's friends.

Professionally wrapped birthday gift with multiple ribbon bow.
Green tissue paper and 'Happy Birthday' ribbon used for this birthday gift to my daughter.

               I really enjoyed wrapping these birthday gifts, lots of curled ribbon, satin ribbon, tissue paper and decorative gift cards.
Baby girl shower gift, prepared with satin ribbon, tissue paper, curled ribbon, wrapping paper, decorative gift card and flower stickers.
For more inspiration during your gift wrapping, check out this article on (this came to me via a facebook post from my friend, Tina!).

15 Fun Wrapping Paper That Will Make Your Gifts Stand Out:!21cd:eyJzIjoiZiIsImkiOiJfOXk2aWh3ZXg1bjIya2FvOCJ9

I hope these suggestions help you this year and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy wrapping everyone!

Joy E.
Posted December 25 , 2014 

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