Catch the Crabapple Fever! New Cookbook by Joy E. of (December 2012)

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Catch the Crabapple Fever!
My new Cookbook: Cooking with Crabapples: Tasty Recipes

Hello Friends:

I know everyone was busy shopping for all of those
great toys mentioned in my last article, but now it is time to get excited about the newest cooking trend!

Joy E. of introduces her new cookbook with delicious recipes for crabapples.  Ride the runaway crabapple cooking trend with 'Cooking with Crabapples: Tasty Recipes' by   Joy E. of

These recipes allow everyone to enjoy crabapples in a delicious way.  The cookbook includes several delicious tart recipes in addition to some baked items. It also makes a great gift for any occasion!

Catch the crabapple fever!  Once crabapple season is upon us again, you can find crabapples at local farms in your area. Keep in mind that crabapples need to be put in your freezer immediately (or the freezer section of your refrigerator).  Crabapples will begin to break down, change color and lose their health properties if you do not freeze them immediately!

For the more industrious chefs: if you freeze a large amount of crabapples, you can make my crabapple recipes in the off-season as well!

Once all of you savvy cooks bake these crabapple recipes, I am sure that this cookbook will become a fixture in your kitchen.  The cookbook is on sale now for just $22.50 (shipping incl. U.S. only) and makes a great gift for anyone who loves to cook! **SOLD OUT, please check back!***

For those cooks who are into baking healthy fare, according to, crabapples are 'a good source of fibre, Vitamin C and minerals (especially potassium).'  In addition, according to, crabapples' other health benefits are: 'the soluble fibre may lower blood cholesterol and may help to protect against heart and circulatory disease' (You can read's 2010 article 'Crabapples May Protect Heart Health' at this link:

Happy crabapple cooking everyone!

Joy E.
Posted December 21, 2012
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